The Honorable Octavio Garcia-Von Borstel

Free Trade:

Garcia-Von Borstel is a strong proponent of free trade. He supports the North American Free Trade agreement and opposes renegotiations of agreements. He states that the United States should engage in multilateral, regional and bilateral efforts to reduce barriers to trade.


Garcia-Von Borstel supports the use of school vouchers and favors merit pay for teachers, along with firing them if they don’t meet certain standards. He also expresses support for increasing the funding of Pell Grants stating that the government should not burden our young men and women after college with debt. 


Garcia-Von Borstel is against government regulation of network neutrality unless evidence of abuse exists. He strongly apposes internet taxes and laws guaranteeing net neutrality. 


Garcia-Von Borstel favors legislation to eventually grant citizenship to the estimated 20 million illegal aliens in the United States and the creation of an additional guest worker program with an option for permanent immigration. He is in vigorous disagreement with any legislation or action separating immigrant families. 

Illegal Drugs:

Garcia-Von Borstel supports expanding the use of federally funded drug treatment and prevention programs and forging public/private partnerships. Furthermore, he supports the authorization of funding the international development funds to stop illegal narcotics. As Mayor, he led efforts to have every local elected official test for the use of illegal drugs in efforts to promote a drug free zone campaign. However, not all elected officials participated. 

Health Care:

Garcia-Von Borstel is against publicly funded health care, universal health care or health care mandates. Instead, he favors tax credits for families to gain health care insurance. 

Federal Minimum Wage:

Garcia-Von Borstel opposes the federal minimum wage and instead, believes each state should decide its own minimum wage. 

Gun Laws:

Garcia-Von Borstel is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment right and opposes the efforts of the anti-gun crowd to ban guns, ammunition and magazines. 


Garcia-Von Borstel promotes the reduction of government spending in favor of tax cuts on middle-income Americans. 


Garcia - Von Borstel favors civil unions for all, he believes everyone should have equal rights and be able to enter legal agreements in particular in the cases of insurance and community property. 

Political Positions

  2019 OctavioGarciaVonBorstel, All rights reserved.

  2019 OctavioGarciaVonBorstel, All rights reserved.